Our Future

ourfuture2I would like to start by thanking Angelo John Gage for all the excellent work he has done to build this organization. His contributions in helping us grow have been amazing, and his dedication to our cause will help create a better world for future generations. I am very grateful to him for providing me with the opportunity to lead us to even greater things. He has encouraged me and brought me up as a leader over the past year, pushing me to step up and take on this task. I wish him and his family the best of luck, and look forward to the next project he starts. Angelo is an entrepreneur, and I know that whatever it is, it will be powerful.

So where are we going from here?

For those of you who have noticed, we have been taking down our videos, and many of our memes and flyers on our website and Facebook. We have also changed the names of our Facebook and Twitter accounts. These are temporary changes that had to be made to avoid possible litigation. These things are again, however, temporary.

There is a lot that will be going on in the coming weeks and months ahead as we look to revamp our organization! We will be creating a new name, graphics, website, store, and Youtube channel and will be aiming to relaunch our organization in January with an even more professional image than ever before!

I am proud to say that we have raised all the funds for our printer! Anything extra that comes in late will be put towards ink and printer paper. When we receive the printer we will post some pictures so everyone can see their new investment! We will be looking to put it into good use come January.

We still have a large and growing network of activists across the country and around the world, so continue to encourage your friends and others to join! They are itching to get out and meet other local members. We will continue to process members and plug them in with those in their local areas. This is just the beginning for us, and the future is looking bright!

– Nathan Damigo