Free Speech on Campus/Student Organizations: The Follow-Up

By Eric Kunnap

university_2193549bJust a few weeks ago our organization was required to change our name. On the surface, this undoubtedly presented many headaches for the leadership and staff that run this organization. Right now the group remains nameless, and decisions made at the top level have to be scrutinized carefully so as not to find themselves in the same place down the road. Though as most have heard the lesson that for every misfortune a new door of opportunity opens, this incident fits nicely with a follow up to my original article “Free Speech on Campus, Student Organizations, and Our Future.” So why is that, you might ask? The answer, my friend, is identity.

Indeed, the name of our group must change. However, the people, the soul, and the drive that truly constitute us are still alive in our identity. We know within ourselves who we are, and this is because there really is a genetic inheritance of character and being. What we may not have known is that our identity has been under attack for at least fifty years in America. For how else can we explain why our youth today are so timid of even identifying as White or embarrassed to use the term European-American? These racial identifications have been a prime target by those in the media and educational institutions which have conditioned all people to immediately confound these terms with “supremacy,” “racism,” “privilege” and other derogatory slanders. For you Whites out there in your teens, twenties and thirties, it is time to wake up: you are not the hate-filled people they make you out to be in the movies, television, and extremely biased broadcasts. The enemy has demonized your name and lied to everyone, but it is up to you to fight for your survival while they press their assault on your identity. For those of you in your forties and older, you have probably wised up to the game being played. It will not serve your children well to just settle in the comfort of absorbing the entertainment on your high def television. There certainly must be some way you can help, and it’s up to you to figure out how.

Your identity is strongly associated with your ancestors. The college and university system today takes huge strides to promote student organizations representing various ethnicities, religions, cultural and more. Even higher on their agenda, though, is their support for “multi-cultural” programs, such as this one by a California state college. Here they expound how they wish to “educate and support students throughout the stages of their identity development in order to engage students in the process of social justice action and change.” If you haven’t figured it out yet, “social justice action and change” are code words for dispossessing every remnant of the majority White society (i.e. Western Culture) that founded our nation! The hypocrisy and double standards of these institutions in their quest for “change” should alert the reader, as students have been systematically denied their right to associate on campus in organizations representing White European-Americans as a culture with Interests of their own. No college is trying to assist in developing their identity, rather they are aiding in their deconstruction.

As a university-approved or sanctioned association on campus, groups can typically:

  1. Use the university facilities for meetings and events
  2. Have the ability to recruit members on campus
  3. Have their organization listed in the campus directory
  4. Hold fundraising opportunities within campus grounds
  5. Use the campaign bulletins for publicity and to distribute a message
  6. Gain access to potential university funding, and much, much more.

Having such a group will inspire their members to search deeply for who they are, and not to just settle for the conditioning being pressed upon them from outside sources. It will take bold students with courage, or perhaps a critical mass of awakened souls to stop these institutions from denying their identity, as it currently exists. Just as the LGBT community encouraged its minority members to “come out of the closet” and support their White student’s right to organize, associate and rediscover their identity. They need to sponsor such groups, for we are part of diversity too. We are a segment of this multi-racial America, and we will not stand for the current immoral onslaught on European descendants. Depriving White students of the six benefits above is a precursor to racial genocide, and that is a real human rights crime recognized by the United Nations.

The time for real change is now. We may be nameless at present, but our will is strong. We will survive. Go out and let them hear your voice!