On The Front – Episode #3

In this week’s podcast of On The Front we discuss Internet Activism from networking and taking things into the real world, to the psychology behind what we are doing. We also revisit the White Student Union and provide you with the information to help them.

0:00 – Intro

3:34 – Transitioning from the internet to the real world.

7:55 – Platforms for our message

9:14 – Sharing links on social media.

13:00 – The psychology of internet saturation propaganda.

15:19 – The merits of debating on social media.

17:58 – White Student Unions revisited

Here is the link to the UBC White Student Union Facebook Page that provides the information of those to call at the school to voice your concerns.



On The Front – Episode #2

Our second episode of On The Front is out!

This week I discuss the immigration video that went viral, With Open Gates: The Forced Collective Suicide of European Nations. Also covered was the BLM activism at Mizzou and the ethnic intimidation of White students by BLM members in the Dartmouth library. Finally, the White Student Union phenomenon sweeping the country.

0:00 – Intro

1:30 – Video Gone Viral

9:28 – Mizzou

17:30 Dartmouth Library

20:15 White Student Union

Becoming Who We Are: My Experience At This Year’s NPI Event

Jefferson Memorial

By Nathan Damigo

Over Halloween weekend, I attended the National Policy Institute’s Become Who We Are conference, held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. It was the first conference that I have been to, and it far surpassed my expectations. The hall was overflowing with energy, and young and intelligent people from across America and Europe were everywhere. Richard Spencer and the National Policy Institute deserve the highest praise for organizing what was an unprecedented gathering in the history of our country; it was the largest group of young people ever assembled in North America that met to discuss the future of our civilization and people. In a way that was almost surreal, it was a weekend that everyone present will remember for the rest of his or her lives.

Just as events over the past year have demonstrated there is growing interest in our ideas, it was obvious to everyone at the NPI gathering that something special is happening. A new generation is emerging to take on the responsibilities their parents abandoned, and they are discovering themselves. They are discovering who they really are and what they have yet to become. Soon, they will come to know what they are made of, and it will be far more than they themselves had ever imagined.

As I spoke with the attendees, there was an air of confidence and purpose to what was taking place by those participating. Dashing young men with haircuts so sharp you could cut a diamond adorned the hall, and intelligent faces with magnificent smiles were the norm. Truly, it was a court fit for a King. Cultural icons from Lana Locketff and Henrick Palmgreen of Red Ice Creations, to Jack Donovan & Master Chim were mingling about, meeting many excited fans. Mike Enoch and the TRS crew graced us with their shitlordom, and even Roosh stopped by to catch the vibe.

The energy was synergistic, with people meeting each other and instantly feeling connected. The conversations naturally flowed; like talking to a friend you hadn’t seen in years, but with whom you immediately felt a rekindled bond. Connections were being made from which many new projects will emerge. Thanks to the conference, our message and voice will only intensify and become louder as a result of what transpired there.

We laughed and mocked the handful of losers standing outside with the filthiest homemade banner and hygiene I have ever seen. While entering the edifice, they called us mean names that undoubtedly gave them warm fuzzies deep inside as they status signaled those on the streets in vain. But hey, why think when you can FEEL? Certainly, based on just the look of them, the so-called “antifa” had a right to feel angry at the sight of high quality Identitarians, obviously far superior to them in every way that matters.

The speakers were alive and energetic. They spoke of problems and solutions; realities and inevitabilities; and possibilities for the future. They spoke of that which their generation was too cowardly or cucked to say publicly. Overall, through their eloquence, honesty, and character – in obvious contrast to the traitorous “leaders” of the West – the speakers offered clear guidance to our people across the European world.

Richard Spencer, head of the National Policy Institute & Radix Journal, hosted the event with the type of charm and confident swagger you could expect of a young aristocrat destined to become head of state. He went toe-to-toe with hostile journalists from publications like the Huffington Post and The Daily Beast. Both deceitful publications, the latter having recently shut down their comments sections in attempt to stop the hemorrhaging of readers emigrating en mass from the cultural Marxist trash masquerading as journalism. Just a quick skim through the controlled media’s articles about the event should be enough to set off warning bells to even the most boring of normies.

Throughout the conference I was tweeting, networking, and rubbing shoulders with event organizers. There was an explosion of interest on social media, as I covered each one of the speakers en vivo. There was a lot of interest in and excitement about the future of our organization, as many of those who attended sought me out to offer their support and asked how they could get involved.

As I wrote earlier in this essay, the NPI event marked the beginning of something special. I do not exaggerate when I say that the gathering resembled a spark that could ignite a flame, spreading an unquenchable fire of Identity throughout the West. A generation has emerged that is unrelenting in its mission in creating a legacy that will match and then transcend all of the achievements of our civilization. Our time has come, and as the fire rises, so too does our spirit and determination. We are becoming who we are. We are the future.