Anti-White Hate at University of Illinois


A disturbing effigy in what appears to be a response to the White Student Union Facebook page has appeared on the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign of a white sheet with jagged blocks of wood protruding upward through the sheets with what appears to be fake blood coming off the sharp ends of the wood and smeared on the sheet. From the front side of the sheet white hands are lifelessly hanging out from underneath.

I spoke with the student who took a video of the effigy who informed me that the structure was first seen last night around 11pm just a few days after a Black Lives Matter demonstration was held on campus in response to the White Student Union Facebook page that sparked the nationwide White Student Union movement. The video of the anti-white structure was taken around 8am, but several hours later when the student walked by again the structure appeared to have been taken down. I asked the student how her and others on campus felt about the effigy, and she told me that many of the white students on campus feel threatened and intimidated by BLM activists and their supporters.

This entire event only reinforces the legitimacy of white advocacy. What is occurring on college campuses across the country by BLM activists is beyond disturbing. Just several weeks ago BLM activists charged into a library at Dartmouth screaming and yelling “F*** you, you filthy white f***s!” to university students. Universities across the country are complicit in creating this hostile environment, promoting classes titled “The Problem of Whiteness,” to hiring anti-white bigots who say “there are no good white people” and that white males are a “problem population.”

White students no longer feel safe on college campuses. They have no support from the school staff to voice their concerns and address issues that whites face. Many of the students have reached out to me personally seeking support, and we are working hard on providing them a support system outside the universities. With the blatant hostility towards European collectivization from college staff, we should work to build up a support network outside the school system until we are ready to collectively make that step.


Updated 7:26pm

After tweeting at the school to inquire about the effigy, they responded with a series of tweets (1,2,3, & 4) claiming the effigy was part of a demonstration in support of the victims of the terrorist shooting in Southern California. I have reached out to the school’s public affairs office to verify the claim and will update everyone when we learn more.