Anti-White Report Headlines 1/1/2016

Anti-White Report

by Anti-White Report Staff
January 1, 2016

Emory University professor George Yancy publishes article in The New York Times calling all whites racist; Samuel L. Jackson hoped the San Bernardino killers were white; Author Mark S. Luckie says Twitter is “setting the company back” by hiring a white man as head of diversity department; and more.


Breitbart: Church of England accusing itself of ‘institutional racism.’ Begins push to make the church less English.

Campus Reform: Professor Joseph Kuilema of Calvin College writes in the school’s newspaper calling whites who deny their “privilege” white supremacist.

The New York Times: Professor George Yancy of Emory University writes opinion piece calling all whites racist.

The Washington Times: Actor Samuel L. Jackson admitted he wanted the San Bernardino terrorists to be white, lamenting that muslims are the “new young black men”

VDARE: Mark S. Luckie says Twitter is “setting the company back” by hiring a white man as its head of global diversity and inclusion.