The White Student Union


by Nathan Damigo

Recently, a White Student Union page for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) appeared on Facebook. Immediately, the page was denounced by the staff of UIUC and was subsequently taken down. In its place a new one emerged, with another thirty following in its wake, making UIUC staff and social media censors look like fools. A media storm promptly hit, and with it, increasing interest in our new movement, which has become the typical unintended consequence of anti-White shrieking.

Many justifications for European dispossession are given by those who seek to deny our people an identity and voice, and none are legitimate. This attempted obfuscation and fomenting of European collective guilt is nothing more than oppression perpetrated by authoritarian personalities masquerading as “progressives.” Over the last 100 years, this kind of totalitarianism has reemerged across the European-American world, taking on new forms and utilizing different ideologies and grievances to justify the suppression of dissidents. The most striking, historically recent example of such manipulation was the capture and subversion of Western universities whose professors utilize pedagogy for their own advancement in what have become politically nepotistic institutions. Formerly an establishment that served the cultural interests of the West, academia is now used as a tool to undermine it.

Many of those who oppose our collectivization claim Whites already have a voice; that we live in a society structured for Whites and therefore do not need to actively protect our group interests. While it is entirely true that America was a nation created by and for White people, the assertion that Western institutions are currently maintained for the benefit of Whites is entirely untrue. The notion that White elites actively maintain “institutional racism” is so horribly absurd that it deconstructs under the slightest of scrutiny. Any well versed critical race theorist would properly identify what White elites are actually doing as the social principle of interest-convergence: White people support “racial justice” only when there is something to gain from it. This has been quite obvious all along; those who seek to counter European collectivization on grounds of racial justice can demonstrably be proven to be doing so for their own interests.

Interest-convergence is what initially led to the silencing of Whites who objected to racial integration, something that would decrease the cultural and political influence of European Americans over time. As Dr. Derrick Bell pointed out in his paper on interest-convergenceintegration in America was the result of upper class White interests converging with that of Blacks. In his groundbreaking paper Bell noted that,

…those whites in policymaking positions able to see the economic and political advances at home and abroad…….would follow abandonment of segregation.

From policymakers in Washington looking to advance their careers, to Southern planters who were looking to “make the transition from…rural, plantation society to the sunbelt with its potential and profit…”, Bell revealed that civil rights have always been about what was financially best for rich Whites.

Today we continue to see this same social phenomenon of interest-convergence. There is the college professor who never publishes research that demonstrates the social dysfunction created by diversity to avoid social ostracism, or the politician who gains votes from massive illegal immigration. There is the status signaling cuckservative who gets a pat on the head from his party leaders for taking leftist positions on race, and the capitalist who promotes immigration to maintain a cheap wage, peon labor force. There are numerous benefits for Whites who promote “people of color” over that of their own people; the benefits range from the financial all the way down to the warm and fuzzy someone receives from their false charity, or every time they lie about having “Black friends.” So why the continued insistence that European Americans are already well represented? Because those who have something to gain, White or non-White, know that European Americans who are in power are not serving the interests of Whites, but their class and social interests instead. (Neither of which are aligned with the interests of the White majority.)

Interest-convergence is why we are not afforded the opportunity of a collective voice. It is the reason why at the slightest inclination of dissent and attempted collectivization these powers seek any and all means of suppression. To the oppressor, no means of obfuscation is off the table. To them, this is not a game, but deadly warfare with a winner-takes-all attitude. They understand what they have and refuse to compromise.

White students need to organize not just because all other ethnic groups do, but because European Americans need to begin to understand who they are and not allow others to define them. The Western elites of the 20th century, trapped in pathological guilt, discarded what countless millions of their ancestors shed their blood to give them. They mistook themselves for the owners of their nations and societies, not the tenants they actually were, with a responsibility to provide their descendants with an improved civilization. They brought us into the world without direction. We must regain our bearing and identify who we really are. We must ensure that others do not choose our identity for us; only we can be ourselves.

Before we are ready to make this move, we must continue to collectivize outside academia. Then, when the time is right we must move as one, making it difficult for the media to isolate individuals. We must take advantage of the safety in numbers, making it easier on individuals to make that move and avoid the eye of Sauron. Because there will be so many White dissidents speaking out and organizing on America’s college campuses, their legitimacy won’t be so easily dismissed as the polemical exercise of one or two students. We can get there from here, but in order to make this happen we must continue to take actions that inspire students currently enrolled in college. The creation of the White Student Union Facebook pages was just the first step towards generating awareness and interest in our ideas among college students; the next will be to campaign on the ground, providing a network outside the cathedral for students to collectivise.